Planning a New Year’s Eve Party? Here’s My Review of Fine Cooking’s Sweets and Sparklers Menu

Nothing is as fun as planning a party.

One October evening, my hubbie and I relaxed in the hot tub while indulging in conversation about what to serve at this year’s holiday party. Whether it was due to the bottle of wine we’d also indulged in or to having a darned busy autumn to deal with or to the fact that talk is cheaper than follow-through, I don’t know, but we dried off and promptly forgot all about the party.

It might have remained a mere chat in the tub if it hadn’t been for the copy of Fine Cooking Magazine that arrived in November. Tasha DeSerio‘s Sweets and Sparklers found us back in steamy water drooling, dreaming and discussing while drinking a bottle of bubbly suggested in the article.

DeSerio’s party plan is brilliant! It’s a feast of sweets with dollops of unexpected savoriness in every bite. These flavors ying and yang with clear simplicity as they play with the acidity and the fruitiness of the accompanying fizz.

And, it’s freakin’ fun.

Everything is made ahead and laid out before the guests arrive. Your job for the evening: Keep the bubbles flowing as you help your guests dive into the savory sweets.

As you may know, we had our holiday party two weeks ago. My opinion: This menu would rock any kind of New Year’s bash. Do the full menu and dazzle everyone you know or invite a couple of friends for a late toast and a few salty sweets. Or (this one has my vote!), seduce your sweetheart with some savory treats at the end of an intimate New Year’s Eve meal. Pop open a bottle of prosecco and linger over them together as you wait for the ball to drop.

Over the next few days, I’ll post:

And if you haven’t done so already, read about the unexpected game that a guest brought to our party. Tell me why you need to know what was in the bag and I’ll enter you in a draw for a mystery prize.


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