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Pepper Jack Soup from the Falcon Lake Deli

Soup-making is something that I just know how to do. Why? I grew up surrounded by soup-simmering and soup-eating.

Tomato Beef Barleys and Chicken Noodles warmed my childhood. Vegetarian Borscht Dappled with Heavy Cream appeared in the spring and returned to freshen Ukrainian Christmas Eve (a meatier version was ladled daily at the Perogy Patch). Mushroom with Wild Rice, Bean and Bacon, Hearty Potato Tomato, Pepper Jack and many other creations starred in Soup and Sandwich specials at the Falcon Deli.

And now, on my blog, Pepper Jack will also exemplify the simple brilliance of my mom’s recipes. Yay good soup! Yay awesome Mom! Read the rest of this entry »


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Foodies in the Family

Gee Gee, my brother and I catching some shade on a prairie afternoon

My Gee Gee would pay us five cents for every potato bug in our pail.

He’d hose mud off of a carrot and off of us at the same time. Shrieking, we’d jump from the spray secretly hoping to get caught by refreshing coldness.

He’d hand us roughly cut rhubarb and send us to Baba knowing she’d sit us at the table where we’d dip scarlet tips into glasses of sugar.

His apple tree yielded so many golden spheres that every pair of pantyhose from Shoppers Drugmart was required to strain the juice.

He always had Rocket Candies in his pocket. He’d tell us, “One for you, two for me” (but only if we’d sing his favorite Ukrainian folk song first). Read the rest of this entry »

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Forever Cooking the Story

A visit to the pumpkin patch is the closest I've come to doing yard work in years!

How does a 10 year old get out of doing yard work? If that 10 year old is like I was, she’ll find a diversion in the kitchen.

One morning my parents and brother were doing yard work while I was within the bounds of the air-conditioner hoping they wouldn’t notice my absence. I was feeling a bit guilty and was about to go help when I thought of the ultimate excuse: I would make them lunch!

Like a toddler at Toys R Us I ran around grabbing everything I needed. Paper, markers and stickers were used to create a tantalizing menu which was then taped outside the back door. A pot was put on the stove to boil. And then all of my creative genius was harnessed as I made the meal magical: I added some Mr. Noodles to the pot and then tossed in some frozen peas, diced ham and the contents of the seasoning packet.

Read the rest of this entry »

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