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What My Husband Hates

On February 1st a post I’ve written is appearing on Scary Mommy‘s Scary Mommy Society. This week, in honor of the society, I’m featuring stories and recipes for all my scary parenting friends.

Multiple Choice Question: What do you do when your parenting partner goes out of town?

a) Beg for mercy.

b) Ask your mom to visit.

c) Make it easy on yourself and allow a few days of continuous cartoon-watching.

d) Invite friends over for the evenings: You supply the wine, they supply conversations that do not include the words mommy, poo poo or Idon’twantto.

e) Make pasta with olives, shrimp and feta served on a tangle of arugula.

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When Does Food Taste THE BEST? Part 4: Party’s in the Kitchen

The sea air and sunshine contributed to the tastiness we experienced this weekend but I’ve had everything-tastes-so-good weekends that cannot be attributed solely to the weather.

For instance:

  • My husband, toddler and I chilled out in the Georgia Mountains for a few days in October. We took a few basic seasonings and winged it in the small kitchen. Sipping on pinot noir, we sang out loud to bluegrass (like  Nickel Creek) while spareribs roasted slowly on foil. No hours of smoking. No special blend of spices. Only ketchup and honey for a glaze. We ended up licking sticky sauce from our fingers and watching meat fall off bones while Read the rest of this entry »

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When a Coupon isn’t a Coupon at all

(I owe you a couple of recipes from my Zumba story. But I just had to write about this today instead.)

Picture it:

Checking out at the grocery store, cranky toddler in your cart, 10 people behind you, party plans for tonight brewing.

You’ve chosen your red wine based partly on a $3 coupon hanging from the bottle neck.

The cashier unhooks the coupon, peers at it, shifts his eyes up and apologizes, Read the rest of this entry »

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How Zumba and P!nk Changed My New Year’s Resolution

On the morning of January 1st, head throbbing and heart jittering with caffeine, I skulked into my first Zumba class of 2011. I felt like crap so why was I there?

My New Year’s resolution was to exercise more, eat healthier, eat less, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to kick it off with a workout to punish away the evils of December 31st and the 2 weeks that preceded it  (evils being too much cheese, chocolate and sparkling wine).

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Sparkling Wine, a Brilliant Friend and Groovy Strawberries

This week has been all about our holiday party. There was:

Have I convinced you that this elegant menu would be perfect for your New Year’s Eve party? If not, today I’ll fill you in on the extra little items that rounded out the menu and had our friends ooo-ing and ahhh-ing while begging for the recipes.

In this post:

The Sparkling Wines We Served, The Brilliant Idea of a Friend, Groovy Strawberries

Today’s other mouth-watering posts: Spicy Maple Cashews, Cranberry-Ginger Brie

The sparkling wines we served:

You can find the sparkling wine recommendations made by Tasha DeSerio for her Sweets and Sparklers menu near the bottom of this linked page.

We decided to make use of our local wine store, Roget’s Fine Wine and Beer, and chose the following four from their sparkling wine selection:

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Planning a New Year’s Eve Party? Here’s My Review of Fine Cooking’s Sweets and Sparklers Menu

Nothing is as fun as planning a party.

One October evening, my hubbie and I relaxed in the hot tub while indulging in conversation about what to serve at this year’s holiday party. Whether it was due to the bottle of wine we’d also indulged in or to having a darned busy autumn to deal with or to the fact that talk is cheaper than follow-through, I don’t know, but we dried off and promptly forgot all about the party.

It might have remained a mere chat in the tub if it hadn’t been for the copy of Fine Cooking Magazine that arrived in November. Tasha DeSerio‘s Sweets and Sparklers found us back in steamy water drooling, dreaming and discussing while drinking a bottle of bubbly suggested in the article.

DeSerio’s party plan is brilliant! It’s a feast of sweets with dollops of unexpected savoriness in every bite. These flavors ying and yang with clear simplicity as they play with the acidity and the fruitiness of the accompanying fizz.

And, it’s freakin’ fun.

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What curve ball will you catch (or drop!) at your holiday party?

As our holiday open-house approached, I worried about what could go wrong.

Disasters from events past haunted me. Some were simple like a goblet shattered on the deck or not having an empty vase for a hostess-gift-bouquet. Some were more awful: A neighbor over-imbibing and spilling shiraz on my professor or when I greeted a colleague at our meatatarian BBQ and remembered (too late!) that she’s vegan.

I never imagined that the evening’s curve ball would be a hit.

Shortly after the party began, I welcomed my knitting pals F&C. Silently, C passed me a paper bag with an attached piece of foolscap:

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