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Head on over to the new Cook the Story site to see today’s post: Use Booze: A Port Reduction to Adult-It-Up.

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Gremolata: Green stuff the kids might not like, but that’s O.K.

My son will eat anything as long as it doesn’t have flecks of green on it. Broccoli is fine but if it’s tossed into chicken soup such that little green globules attach themselves to the carrots, then neither the carrots, the broccoli, nor anything else in the soup gets eaten.

This goes for all green flecks. For awhile, I avoided herbs entirely because using them meant having to rinse off all his food before he’d eat it.

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Vegging It Up

Rotini tossed with stir fried cabbage

I often fall on the uninspired meat, veg, carb pattern for mid-week meals (e.g., chicken breast, green beans, noodles). It can be so so boring. But it can also be satisfyingly simple (and quick too!).

Lately, I’ve been sprucing it up by adding some vegetables to the carbs (e.g., chicken breast, green beans, rotini tossed with stir fried cabbage, ginger and garlic). It’s been an efficient and easy way to get us through our weekly produce box. And, we’re eating more veggies, which was one of the main reasons for getting the box in the first place.

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