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Lasagna: Layer on the Veggies

My father-in-law’s favorite meal strategy is to “use up.” He rummages in the fridge and pulls out anything that requires immediate eating. He evaluates the pile of bits and bobs on the counter, grabs a frying pan and starts cooking.

It’s never the same twice but it’s always (surprisingly) delicious.

People I’ve asked about the cons to their weekly produce box say it’s a challenge to use everything. From the advice they’ve given me, emptying the box seems to require a vigilant using-up mindset, like my father-in-law’s.

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Ginger, Honey and Lemon: Can You Guess How I’m Feeling?

O.K., which of you stuffed my ears with marshmallows and forced me to swallow a cheese grater? I know one of you is the culprit because there’s no other explanation for why I feel this way.

Unless I’m sick. But we don’t want to consider that possibility. Sickness is not an option when you have a million things to do while accompanied by an overactive toddler intent on performing a new death-defying stunt every 45 seconds (e.g., somersault off fireplace onto end table followed by double layout onto couch).

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Rosemary-Orange-Lemon-Curd Slice

In the final hours before our holiday party, I didn’t want to be doing more than popping corn and putting on my mascara. I decided against making the Rosemary-Lemon Tartlets with Pine Nut Shortbread called for in DeSerio’s Sweets and Sparklers menu because of the requirement that they be assembled shortly before the party.

I instead made my White Chocolate Bark with Blueberries, Pine Nuts and a Zest of Lemon a week ahead and stored it in the fridge until party time.

Then, two days before the party while tying on my apron to embark on my version of The Joy of Cooking Angel Slice, my eyes drifted and I spotted a recipe for seemingly simple Lemon Curd Bars, “Yay! An easy way to try out the rosemary lemon curd idea. And I’m in baking-mode already so why not?”

But I only had two lemons. Actually, there were some lemons on the tree outside but you may recall from here that they are not exactly tasty ones.

Thinking of my yucky lemons led my mind to my two trees bursting with oranges…







and Rosemary-Orange-Lemon-Curd Slice was born!

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White Chocolate Bark with Blueberries, Toasted Pine Nuts and a Zest of Lemon

This week I’ve been telling you all about our holiday party where we featured a sweet ‘n’ savory menu that would be IDEAL for any New Year’s Eve event. Today and tomorrow I’m giving you my own recipes that I’ve adapted to fit in with the theme.

I’ve made a dried blueberry and lemon zest white chocolate bark many times over the years. The pairing of toasted pine nuts with lemon for this recipe was inspired by the Rosemary-Lemon Tartlets with Pine Nut Shortbread recipe from Tasha DeSerio‘s Sweets and Sparklers article found in Fine Cooking magazine this month.

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When Life Gives You Lemons

One night last week my mom posted on Facebook that she and my dad were cozily waiting out the blizzard that was blowing through Manitoba. I woke the next morning imagining snow on the ground. I looked out the window at lush palm trees with a bright blue backdrop and felt lost. I plastered a smile on my face and went upstairs to get my toddler ready for the day. I asked, “What do you want to do today?” He said, “Go to the park, Mommy!” And why not? It is *sigh* 82 degrees out there after all.

Swings, slides, sand (lots of digging) and a couple of hours later, J and I were walking home from the park singing our ABCs. From behind a hedge I heard, “Who’s doing such nice singing?” J pointed and shouted (very very loudly), “Wook Mommy! A wady!” There was a woman in her yard gardening. She chuckled, “A boy with such a nice voice deserves an orange. Come around back and I’ll give you one.” J ran to her and began happily plucking oranges from her tree (never mind that we have about a million on our own trees at home). She then asked J, “Do you like lemonade?” He nodded his head vigorously. “If I give your Mommy some lemons, will she make you some?” We both nodded our heads vigorously.

As we watched her picking round bumpy lemons from her tree I thought, “I wish we had a lemon tree…oh wait, we do have one…but its lemons are small and seedy and taste bitter and …OH MY GOD…they definitely don’t smell like this…would it be weird to bite through the peel and eat the whole thing here in her yard? What if I just stand here holding it up to my nose while breathing deeply?”

After many thank yous we headed home for lunch. Once there J insisted that he didn’t want any lemonade. After all, if life gives you oranges shouldn’t your mom make you orange juice?  (How he’s not sick of the stuff by now, I don’t understand). I, on the other hand, had been given lemons and when life gives me lemons I make Citron Pressé.

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